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Roadside Assistance: What to Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Roadside Assistance: What to Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Roadside Assistance: What to Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down


A breakdown on the road can be a stressful and unexpected situation, but knowing what to do and having access to roadside assistance can make all the difference. Whether you're on a road trip or simply commuting, being prepared for a vehicle breakdown ensures your safety and a smoother resolution to the problem. In this blog post, we will explore essential steps to take when your vehicle breaks down and the benefits of having roadside assistance by your side.

Stay Calm and Pull Over Safely:

If you experience car trouble, stay calm and signal to other drivers that you need to pull over. Safely park your vehicle on the side of the road, away from traffic.

Activate Hazard Lights:

Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to your situation and increase visibility, especially during low light conditions or bad weather.

Assess the Problem:

Before calling for assistance, try to assess the issue with your vehicle. Check for any visible problems or warning lights on the dashboard.

Stay Inside the Vehicle:

For your safety, it's best to remain inside your vehicle while waiting for assistance, especially if you are on a busy highway.

Call for Roadside Assistance:

Contact your roadside assistance provider or a local towing service to request help. Have your location and vehicle details ready for a quicker response.

Share Your Location:

If you don't have roadside assistance, share your location with a trusted friend or family member, so they can arrange help for you.

Be Prepared with Essentials:

Keep a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle with essentials like a flashlight, first-aid supplies, and a spare tire.

Stay Visible at Night:

If you're stranded at night, use reflective triangles or flares to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers.

Stay Warm in Winter:

If it's cold outside, stay warm by keeping blankets and extra clothing in your vehicle.

Be Patient:

Waiting for assistance can be frustrating, but remain patient. Help will arrive soon to get you back on the road safely.


Experiencing a vehicle breakdown is never pleasant, but being prepared and knowing what to do can make a significant difference in how you handle the situation. Stay calm, pull over safely, and activate your hazard lights to ensure your safety. Assess the problem, call for roadside assistance, and wait patiently for help to arrive. Having a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle provides added peace of mind during such situations. Remember that your safety is the top priority, so staying inside your vehicle is essential, especially on busy roads. By following these steps, you can handle a breakdown with confidence and minimise any inconvenience while ensuring your well-being. Roadside assistance provides an added layer of security, so consider enrolling in a plan to have peace of mind during your journeys. Embrace the freedom of the road, knowing that you are prepared for any unforeseen challenges that may come your way, and travel safely to create lasting memories on your adventures.

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