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The 2023 MotoGP Season: A Look at the Sponsors and Partners

The 2023 MotoGP Season: A Look at the Sponsors and Partners

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The world of MotoGP is not just about high-speed racing; it's also about the partnerships and sponsorships that fuel this thrilling sport. As we gear up for the 2023 MotoGP season, let's take a moment to acknowledge the companies and brands that make it all possible. Here's a rundown of the sponsors and partners associated with this year's MotoGP championship.

Official Sponsors:

1. Tissot - Official Timekeeper

Tissot has been the Official Timekeeper for MotoGP since 2001 and renewed its partnership in 2021. Beyond precision timekeeping, Tissot provides exclusive watches and certificates to pole sitters and proudly displays its branding at MotoGP events worldwide.

2. Michelin - Official MotoGP Class Tyre

Since 2016, Michelin has been the exclusive tire supplier for MotoGP, ensuring that riders have the best rubber beneath them as they push the limits. Michelin's commitment to innovation and performance contributes significantly to the competitiveness of the races.

3. BMW - Official Car

BMW has been the official car sponsor for MotoGP since 1999. They supply safety cars that lead the field during safety car periods, adding an extra layer of security to the races. BMW is also involved in event sponsorship, including the Styrian Grand Prix.

4. Singha - Official Beer

In 2014, Singha made history by becoming the first official beer sponsor of MotoGP. As part of the partnership, Singha enjoys pouring rights at events and prominent trackside branding.

5. DHL - Official Logistics Partner

Since 2015, DHL has been the official logistics partner of MotoGP. Their role goes beyond shipping equipment; they also offer marketing opportunities and logistical support that keeps the championship running smoothly.

Title Sponsors:

1. Pertamina

Pertamina takes the title sponsor role for the Indonesian Grand Prix, marking its strong presence in MotoGP and Indonesian motorsport.

2. Red Bull

Red Bull is a prominent title sponsor, backing various MotoGP events and teams. They are associated with events like the Grand Prix of Spain and America, and they support the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

3. SHARK Helmets

SHARK Helmets takes the title sponsorship for the French Grand Prix, showcasing its commitment to rider safety.

4. Oakley

Oakley steps in as the title sponsor for the Italian Grand Prix, hosted at the iconic Mugello circuit.

5. Monster Energy

Monster Energy is a major player in MotoGP, sponsoring multiple teams and events throughout the season.

6. Liqui Moly

The German Grand Prix enjoys sponsorship from Liqui Moly, a company known for its high-quality lubricants and additives.

7. Motul

Motul takes the title sponsor role for several MotoGP events, further strengthening its presence in the championship.

8. CryptoDATA Tech

The Austrian Grand Prix proudly displays CryptoDATA Tech as its title sponsor, showcasing the influence of tech in motorsports.

9. Gryfyn

Gryfyn sponsors the Gran Premio di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini, adding excitement to this Italian race.

10. Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands makes its mark by sponsoring the Grand Prix of Aragon and the Australian Grand Prix, demonstrating the growth of esports in motorsport.

11. OR (PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited)

OR sponsors the Grand Prix of Thailand, contributing to the growing popularity of MotoGP in the region.

12. Petronas

Petronas, a prominent name in motorsport, takes the title sponsorship for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

MotoGP Suppliers:

1. Oakley - Eyewear Supplier

Oakley provides eyewear solutions, ensuring riders have clear vision and protection during races.

2. Alpinestars - Exclusive Clothing Supplier

Alpinestars supplies riders with high-quality, protective clothing to ensure their safety.

3. Yamaha - Scooter Provider

Yamaha plays a unique role by providing scooters used by riders and teams in the paddock area.

4. Vislink - RF Systems for Video Communications

Vislink offers cutting-edge RF systems that enable seamless video communications during races.

5. Marelli - Bike Electronic Control Systems

Marelli supplies electronic control systems for bikes, contributing to their performance and safety.

6. Tata Communications - Connectivity Solutions

Tata Communications ensures that data flows smoothly and securely across the MotoGP network.

7. JVCKENWOOD - Radio Communications Supplier

JVCKENWOOD provides reliable radio communication solutions for teams and race officials.

8. Quirónsalud - Medical Services

Quirónsalud is responsible for providing medical services and ensuring the well-being of riders.

9. Enel - Sustainable Power Partner

Enel supports MotoGP's sustainability efforts by providing sustainable power solutions.

10. Prosecco Doc - Prosecco Supplier

Prosecco Doc adds a touch of Italian elegance by supplying prosecco for special celebrations.

11. Lenovo - Technical Partner

Lenovo's technical expertise contributes to the seamless operation of MotoGP events.

12. Quintevents - Hospitality Partner

Quintevents offers hospitality packages, allowing fans to enjoy MotoGP in style.

13. Craft 1861 - Wellness Partner

Craft 1861 focuses on rider wellness, ensuring they are in peak condition to perform their best.

These sponsors and partners play a vital role in supporting and promoting the MotoGP championship, making it the global phenomenon that it is today. Their contributions ensure that fans worldwide can enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action and the spectacle of MotoGP.


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